St. John’s College hosts Waverly High School’s Anatomy/Physiology class

St. John’s College of Nursing will host Waverly High School students in the simulation lab, on the second floor of the HSHS Central Illinois Division building at 850 E. Madison Street on Monday, March 18, 2019 from 2-3 pm. The students will learn how to prepare for a career in healthcare. They will discuss what classes need to be taken before graduating high school.

To be a registered nurse, students need to excel in chemistry, microbiology and statistics. To be placed directly into these classes in college, they will need to do well in math and science classes in high school.

Admissions administrator Britni Caruso says, “Many students aspire to be in the healthcare field, but they don’t know what it takes to get there. Our goal today is to show students what it is like to be a nurse and what courses are necessary to do so.”

The anatomy/physiology class will participate in a nursing simulation with life-like mannequins in a hospital-like setting.