St. John’s College of Nursing Hosted the First Nursing Pipeline Preparatory Class

St. John’s College of Nursing hosted the first Nursing Pipeline Preparatory (NP3) program class on Monday, Nov. 4. The class is comprised of 16 freshman high school students from Springfield area high schools. 

A special prayer and blessing were given by Father Fredrick. Judy Shackelford, PhD, RN, academic dean, and a few faculty members from the college were in attendance to greet the NP3 students.

The NP3 is a new program developed by Charlene Aaron, PhD, RN, chancellor of St. John’s College of Nursing. The program brings a diverse group of high school freshman in to the world of nursing and medicine. Students will follow this program throughout their high school career in order to help prepare for sciences and nursing coursework at the collegiate level.

“I didn’t have the resources available to me when I was in high school to develop my knowledge base before college,” said Dr. Aaron. “I am a first-generation college graduate. I hope this program will help others like me to succeed in their career aspirations.”

Currently the following high schools are participating in the program: Springfield High School, Lanphier High School, Southeast High School, Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, Calvary High School and Springfield Lutheran High School.
If you are interested in finding out more about this program, please call 217-525-5628 or email NP3outreach@sjcs.edu.