Payment Plan Enrollment Form

I promise to pay all tuition, fees, books, and any miscellaneous charges and to honor the terms of payment as outlined in the St. John’s College Payment Policy in three monthly installments as calculated on my Payment Plan Calculation Sheet attached below.

It is understood that any changes to my financial aid award or additional charges could require an adjustment in the net amount due and the amount of my monthly payment.

In the event that it is deemed necessary to use collection procedures to collect outstanding tuition, fees, book charges and any miscellaneous charges not paid when due, I agree to pay all attorney fees and other reasonable collection costs and charges associated with collection.

This enrollment form must be returned to the bursar no later than the first installment due date.
Fall 2020 Installment due dates
1st payment: 8/14/2020
2nd payment: 9/18/2020
3rd payment: 10/16/2020
4th payment: 11/13/2020

If you have any questions, please contact or call (217) 814-5442.


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