ATI TEAS nursing program entrance exam


How to register for the ATI TEAS


The ATI TEAS is a nursing program entrance exam that is required for the application process at St. John’s College.
  1. Go to
  2. On the left hand side menu, click on “Register for… TEAS at PSI
  3. “To view Registration options, please log into your ATI Account. If you do not have an ATI account, you will need to create one.” Click okay
  4. Click on Student Login. Create an account if necessary
  5. Select “PSI Test Site for TEAS Nursing”
  6. Click on Register
  7. “This purchase is for the ATI TEAS exam administered at a PSI test center. Refunds are not available for PSI exam purchases. I understand this and would like to proceed to check out.” Click on Yes
  8. Scroll down to find “St Johns College Springfield” and click on the arrow to move it over. Then click on “Continue
  9. Click on Check Out
  10. Enter your billing information
  11. Click on “Proceed to Payment Details
  12. Enter Payment Details and Click on Submit Order
  13. On the Confirmation, follow the directions to select the time and date. Call this number if you have any questions:
ATI TEAS Testing Customer Service 1-800-733-9267