Graduate degree program course requirements

Course semester hour requirements for both tracks
  • Informatics & Evidenced-Based Practice  (3)
  • Theoretical Foundations & Nursing Research  (3)
  • Healthcare Organization & Management  (3)
  • Epidemiology & Population Health  (3)
  • Ethical & Legal Dimensions of Advanced Practice Nursing  (3)
Nursing Administration and Leadership Track

Course semester hours
Leadership in Nursing  (3)
Program Planning & Outcomes Evaluation  (3) Financial Issues for Nurse Leaders  (3)
Healthcare Human Resource Management  (3) Organizations & System Leadership  (3)
Systems Approach to Quality & Safety in
  Healthcare  (3) 
Nursing Leader Practicum  2(2P)*
Master's Capstone Project, Nurse Leader  3(3P)*

Total Semester Hours 38
(includes 300 practicum hours)
Family Nurse Practitioner Track

Course semester hours
Advanced Health Assessment  (2T/1L/1P)* Advanced Pathophysiology  (4)
Advanced Pharmacology & Prescriptive
  Authority   (4)
Practicum I: Pediatric Health  5(3T/2P)*
Practicum II: Women’s Health  2(1T/1P)* Practicum III: Adult/Gerontology Health 7(3T/4P)* Practicum IV: Population Focus of Choice  3(3P)* Master's Capstone NP Project  1(1P)*

Total Semester Hours 45
(includes 60 lab/660 practicum hours)

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